Population Size

Historical Population

The population of Alexandra District (SA2) was around 6,420 residents in 2016. Between 2007 and 2011 there was a moderate decline in the population of the area (around 80 residents). 2016 saw a notable increase in the population from 2011 (+200 residents).

Age Structure

Over the last decade, the median age in Alexandra District (SA2) has increased from 46 to 53 years old. The area is older than other parts of Murrindindi and significantly older than rural Victoria. There are a much higher proportion of 55+ year olds in Alexandra compared to rural Victoria. Ageing of the local population also appears to be accelerating at a faster rate than other rural areas.

Average Age

Dependency Ratio

The dependency ratio is a measure of the number of residents that are not of normal working age (e.g. too young or old to work) relative to the number of residents of working age (15 to 64 years old). The dependency ratio in Alexandra District has rapidly increased in recent years due to the ageing of the local population, and the increase in the number of residents over 65. For more information regarding the dependency ratio click here.

Age Groups

Population Density

Migration Patterns

Inward Migration